Frequently Asked Questions

What is Inicex?

Inicex is a leading startup in the field of digital currencies, which has been working since 2018 with the aim of providing a safe and fast platform for buying and selling digital currencies, and you can do your exchanges automatically around the clock.

What services does INICEX provide to customers?

- Buy and sell digital currencies
- Instantaneous price of digital currencies
- Response and support online by INICEX experts

What are the benefits of INICEX?

- Instant and fast sending of digital currency to users
- high security
- 24 hour exchanges

How to contact INICEX?

INICEX communication channels:
social networks Telegram,Instagram, online chat and ticket.

Documents and conditions required for authentication

1- Picture of national smart card or driver's license or passport or identity card
2- User selfie with ID and handwritten card (for authentication in INICEX)
3- The ownership of the SIM card with which you registered in INICEX must be in your own name.
4- Having a minimum age of 18 years and a maximum of 70 years

How long does it take to authenticate?

The authentication process by INICEX takes place every day from 9 am to 11 PM. Please be patient until INICEX calls

What are the authentication requirements for outsiders?

All documents are complete, no problem for authentication.

Is currency exchange authentication also required?

The currency exchange process does not require authentication

How can I exchange digital currency?

To exchange digital currency in INICEX, you must follow the following steps:
-Purchasing steps are specified from the main page.
Follow the steps below to use all the features.
- Register or log in to your account

I did currency exchange in INICEX. When will it be sent to my wallet?

INICEX electronic payment system buys the currency you want at the moment and is transferred to your wallet immediately after confirmation in the currency network.
Ordering usually takes 5 minutes to 30 minutes.
Also, if you register on the site, you can view your transactions in the dashboard section and be informed of the status of your order.
You can also correspond with the site support

What is Fixed rate and Floating rate?

Floating rate: Depending on the market conditions, the amount you receive may change.
Fixed rate: No matter the market changes, the amount you receive remains the same. At a fixed rate, the rate is updated every 30 seconds.

Is it possible to get a refund?

In special circumstances with a deduction of fee.

What wallet should we use !?

INICEX has a safe, fast and easy wallet that supports a wide variety of Altcoins. Receiving currencies that have a very high fee, you can keep in the internal wallet of INICEX.

What is the minimum purchase amount from INICEX?

The minimum currency exchange in INICEX depends on the desired currency. When exchanging currency, you can see the minimum purchase of the desired currency.

Is it possible to exchange currency in person from INICEX?

INICEX does not offer face-to-face sales.

What is the maximum currency exchange in INICEX?

Currency exchange in INICEX depends on the site's inventory, which you can view on the site.
To increase currency exchange, you can request the amount of exchange.

What are the permitted trading hours in INICEX?

Currency exchange in INICEX is 24 hours, even on holidays.

What is the time criterion for determining the sale price? Is the amount I see in the pre-invoice the final price?

Determining the final price for currency exchange in INICEX is the moment when your payment ID is confirmed in the blockchain network. To see the final price, you can refer to the transactions section in the dashboard or account of the site

How long does it take for my currency exchange to be confirmed on the network?

The time to confirm the transaction ID or txid in the network can take from 1 minute to 48 hours depending on the network traffic, Please be patient until the payment ID is confirmed in the blockchain network.

What is the exchange time on the site

Currency exchange in INICEX is 24 hours

Is there an exchange on holidays?


How long does it take to receive and send currency?

INICEX electronic payment system instantly exchanges your desired currency and sends it to your wallet.

Can I request another currency for exchange?

Yes, you can correspond with online chat.